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Made simple & delicious

Green Flash Smoothie

Local Papaya, pineapple, mango, mint, & spinach with all natural apple juice

Long Paddle

Organic blueberries & bananas, hemp protein, nonfat milk, peanut butter. Trust us on this one.

The Nutty Date

Who doesn't love a nutty date? Organic bananas, dates, soy milk, raw almonds. Creamy and amazing.

Mila Mana

Organic blueberries & bananas, papaya, pure apple juice & finely ground chia seeds. Get to work!

Strawberries & Cream

Organic strawberries, milk and a little simple syrup. Oh, and topped with a little whipped cream. What?!

Papaya & Mint

Local papaya & mint. Cut with a little passion guava juice. Refreshing and light. Perfect for hot Kona days.

The Green Machine

Organic bananas, spinach, raw almonds, hemp protein and soy milk. It'll do the trick.

Banana Mocha Boost

A little cocoa, an espresso shot, a little protein powder, coconut milk, and organic banana. Yum!


Make it better by adding one or more of these yummy things Almonds; Bee Pollen; Blueberries; Hemp protein; Peanut butter; Spinach

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