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Breakfast is served all day. Sandwiches are served hot. That's how we roll.

Oatmeal Or Granola

Steel ground oats, omega-3's, flax, raisins. It's pretty perfect. Go get 'em today! Or Organic Local Granola with choice of milk Add Bananas to either!

Toasted Bagel

Choose your bagel, choose the stuff you want slathered on it Jam? Butter? Cream cheese? You got it, buddy.

Breakfast Croissant

Warm croissant, egg, cheese and your choice of Ham or Turkey or Bacon. Ask for it grilled if you're so inclined. And add spinach if you're feeling like you need to.

French Toast Breakfast Sammie

Egg, cheese and your choice of ham or turkey or bacon served between 2 pieces of locally baked Punalu'u sweetbread grilled french toast style. Served with maple syrup on the side. A killer.

Monte Cristo

Turkey, ham & swiss cheese grilled on sourdough French toast style. Maple syrup alongside because..why not? You better be hungry.

Salmon Bagel

Lots of smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese, red onions on the bagel of your choice. Heaven. No really.

Croque Madam or Monsieur

The kid brother or sister to the Monte Cristo. The madam is turkey & swiss. The Monsieur is ham & swiss. Both are grilled on buttermilk French toast style and served with maple syrup just off to the side. Bring your hungry. And a friend.

Punalu'u Sweetbread French Toast

Soft, tasty, locally baked Punalu'u sweetbread French toast. Be a hero to your kids.

Warm Croissant

Warm croissant and we'll load that puppy up with jam or butter or Nutella

Breakfast Bagel

Egg, cheese and your choice of turkey or ham or bacon served on a toasted bagel. Hot and filling. P.S. you should add spinach or upgrade your cheese to Muenster or swiss. it's really, really good like that.

Additions or substitutes

Pile it on or change it out Bacon; Ham; Turkey; Swiss; Muenster; Spinach; Nutella

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